TPG’s new 4G network launch will come with six months of free service

It was a year ago that TPG announced a $1.9 billion investment in building a new 4G network in Australia in a bid to move away from Vodafone, the junior telco’s current телеком партнер.

And now it’s nearly time for the launch of Australia’s newest LTE network and, to woo new customers, TPG is offering six months of free access.

The service will be коммутацией в Q3 или Q4 this year, the telco has announced, with the first six months намечен to be a trail period.

“We are inviting users to register to experience our coverage and network performance as well as to take advantage of unlimited mobile data for free”, генеральный ДИРЕКТОР TPG Дэвид Teoh said in a statement.

There’s always a ‘but’

The term “unlimited”, however, has a caveat, like all other unlimited data plans currently есть offer by Australia’s больше телекоммуникационных компаний.

TPG’s new customers will have access to 1GB of data at uncapped speeds per day; if the daily quota has been exceeded, download speeds will drop to 1Mbps for the rest of the day.

After the six-month trial period, the monthly cost of the plan will be $9.99.

First come, first served

The trial will only be available in “КБР areas and numerous surrounding suburbs в Сиднее, Мельбурне, Аделаиде, Канберре и Брисбене,” according to TPG’s statement.

And while the trial is open to anyone who signs up first, the telco will prioritise existing TPG, iiNet и Internode broadband customers.

The telco has set up a web page for customers to sign up for the trial and will send out invitations to those who register. However, it is as yet unclear how many customers will be able to take advantage of the trial.

SIM cards and support will be offered via TPG’s website.

Price wars

TPG’s offer of $10 a month after the first six months for unlimited data comes not long after the telco’s главный операционный директор Крейг Леви called the company’s entry into the 4G space “aggressive”.

TPG’s низкая цена could trigger off a price war, making Australian telecom services a lot more affordable for customers. The million dollar question here, however, is TPG’s network coverage. While all the Australian кэпиталз will be served by the new LTE network, it doesn’t cover all major cities in the nation.

For a list of locations currently крытая методы by TPG, это the table below:

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